In July of 2018, our Founder and CEO, Fa Park, established the Color Street Foundation to make a difference in our local and national communities. In partnership with our Stylist community, the Foundation creates meaningful charitable giving campaigns to benefit partner organizations. Our limited-edition nail strips, designed in support of causes that resonate with our Stylists and customers, help start the conversation and raise awareness for important causes and charitable organizations.
Tricia McNamara
Foundation Executive Director
Color Street Foundation

Developmental Disability Awareness March 2020
$2 from each UnstoppABLE nail strip set sold through March 2020 will benefit Developmental Disability Awareness up to our donation goal of $100,000.
Heart Health Awareness February 2020
$2 from the purchase of each set of Helping Hearts sold through February 2020 will benefit WomenHeart:The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease and Children's Heart Foundation up to our donation goal of $100,000.
Type 1 Diabetes Awareness November 2019
$75,000 donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
$25,000 donated to the Barton Center
Breast Cancer Awareness October 2019
$125,000 donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
$50,000 donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer
$50,000 donated to The National Breast Cancer Foundation
Suicide Prevention Awareness September 2019
$100,000 donated to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Sexual Assault Awareness, Prevention, and Survivor Support July 2019
$70,000 donated to RAINN & $70,000 donated to PAVE
Mental Health Awareness May 2019
$60,000 donated to Active Minds & $60,000 donated to the JED Foundation
Animal Cruelty Prevention April 2019
$100,000 donated to Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation
Military and Veteran Appreciation February 2019
$110,000 donated to the Gary Sinise Foundation
Alzheimer’s Awareness November 2018
$100,000 donated to the Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Research Foundation
Childhood Cancer Awareness September 2018
$100,000 donated to Alex’s Lemonade Stand
Autism Awareness July 2018
$100,000 donated to the Autism Society of America
Breast Cancer Awareness October 2017
$10,000 donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation